Insurance Building Work Specialists 

Property renovation and re-builds after an insurance claim

C2 Construction has completed multiple projects in the insurance aspects of construction work, These works include burnt out properties for domestic customers & also large contractors like Kier & Stoke-on-Trent city council.


If you have had a major fire, flood or your property has been badly damaged in anyway then C2 Construction is able to rebuild your property after your successful insurance claim.


We have a team of skilled builders and construction experts who can help with any re-building work after a devastating event has happened. We can work on any type of property after any type of damage has happened such as


  • Fire in commercial property

  • Fire in residential property

  • Flood in commercial property

  • Flood in residential property

  • Damage from storms or bad weather

  • Natural disaster repair work

  • Damage to property due to neglect from neighbouring property


We have completed a large-scale insurance project on the Aisle of Brides in Stoke-on-Trent town centre, These works including bringing down the dilapidated building and reinstating, building back up to its 3rd story, structural steelwork, new roofs & all internal finishes completed by our operatives here at C2 Construction.


So if you are in need of property renovation after an insurance claim then please get in touch with C2 Construction today and we can discuss exactly how we can help re-build or re-develop your property back to its former glory.


Building Contractors Stoke-on-Trent

C2 Construction are highly skilled in a range of services and one of these is as a building contractor. We are able to complete any type of building work project you may on either commercial or residential buildings.

One area of specialism is in insurance work renovations. After a fire, flood or any other damage to your property you will want this to be repaired to enable you to continue to trade and operate your business.

C2 Construction work with a range of national insurance companies as a chosen partner to help with such building works after a claim has been successfully paid out.

If your building has been damaged by fire then this can be devastating not only to your personally but also for your business, as it can take many months to get back on your feet. The most stressful part of this process is finding a company to help with the building works as you want to ensure the building contractor that you chose is able to help rebuild your building and also your business.

Your insurance company will want to know that the company helping with the building renovations is capable, trusted and highly skilled - luckily we tick all these boxes.

Luckily C2 Construction are experts in this area and we can help whether it be a full rebuild and reconstruction of your building from the ground up, or whether it is helping out with restoring the premises in just the damaged area.

As we are also a specialist steel fabrication company we are able to offer the complete rebuild and renovation service as we not only rebuild your property but also redesign it. If you require a new steel frame then we can design and install this. If you require new windows, doors, floors, ceilings, roof or any structural work - then again we are the company who can help.

Having a fire or flood at your property whether it be residential or commercial is heart breaking and can really damage yourself and your business, so you want to be assured that the company you hire to help restore it back to its former glory is going to do just that. Insurance building work is something we do regularly and these jobs give us a great pride in seeing what the property looked like before and how we managed to transform it.

C2 Construction offer this complete piece of mind, so please get in touch with us today to learn about how we can help with insurance building works whether it be across Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, Cheshire, West Midlands or further afield.